Wire fox terrier puppy for sale!

Lord Zorro of Dodoland

Born: 28.12.2013
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria, EU

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Dam: Bora vom Yahy – 2xBJC, 2xCAC, 2xCACIB, 4xBOB, 2xBOG, R.J.BIS, J.BIS, BIS, J.Ch.BG, Ch.BG
fox terrier archive pedigree

Sire: Skipper – 2BJ, Jr. BISIII, 9CAC, Club V1, 2CACIB, RCACIB 3BoB, BoGII, BoGIII
fox terrier archive pedigree

An excellent wire fox terrier puppy from parents with many BIS, BOG, BOB titles. The “L” litter had 3 puppies for sale (2 male, 1 female), at this time only Lord Zorro is available for sale!

Wire fox terrier for sale

Lord Zorro after the first trimming is now a real fox terrier!


Lord Zorro’s pedigree: